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Professional House Inspections

At Professional House Inspections, we understand that buying a house is an exciting time and there are many issues to be considered. It can also be a stressful experience, or worse still, a costly mistake if your new house fails to meet your expectations.

You could be facing thousands of extra dollars to address building issues which you were unaware of when you signed the contract. And like most of us, you are already stretching your finances to get the best house you can afford, right?

Before you make that final decision, you need as much information as you can get – while you still have the power of choice. Afterwards it may be too late.

Certified House Inspectors

Over 25 Years Experience Fully Insured Up To Date Knowledge

Professional House Inspections has over 25 years experience in the construction and maintenance of buildings and other structures.

All our staff participate in Continuing Professional Development schemes, ensuring that technical knowledge and skills are always up to date.

Professional House Inspections is a member of the following organisations, and operates within their professional codes of practice.

Did you Know?

Since 1999, professional indemnity insurance premiums for building inspectors have skyrocketed.


Because of the number of claims paid out for negligent advice during pre-purchase inspections. Some insurers will no longer even cover this category, and those that do will eventually insist on a minimum level of accreditation.

And Guess What!

There are still people out there doing pre-purchase inspections without any insurance cover at all, and without any accreditation, any training, or any equipment. On a recent inspection, we observed a competitor on the property (this happens sometimes) who completed his inspection in 20 minutes, unhindered by such distractions as a ladder, or even a torch.

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