Commercial Property Inspections

Get a Professional Commercial Property Inspection

Professional House Inspections will provide you with:

  • An independent, thorough appraisal of all reasonably accessible parts of the building, by an experienced and qualified building professional.
  • A detailed, fully typed report which is easy to read and understand.
  • A report which complies fully with the Australian Standard be AS4349.1-2007
  • As added protection for you, we carry full insurance cover.

Why risk your money with sub-standard reports by “part timers” without the experience, the time or the equipment to do the job properly. (Why else would they be cheap?)

Don’t you deserve a worry free professional home inspection?

Being professional doesn’t mean we’re afraid to get our hands dirty! We check wherever we have reasonable access.

Range of building inspection services

Professional House Inspections offers a range of building inspection services which progressively reduce the level of risk faced by intending purchasers.

Level 1

Structural & Salt Damp Inspection

This is an inspection of the main structural elements of the building and its attachments. Where reasonably accessible, we check the floor frame and cladding (ie. inside and out), ceilings, walls, floors, footings and sub floor. We check masonry walls for salt damp, using an electronic meter, and we check tiled floors, walls and shower alcoves for defective tiling and possible leaks.

Level 2

Standard Inspection

This is a much more detailed inspection, and it complies fully with the Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007.

In addition to the Level 1 inspection, we check all reasonably accessible parts of the property, and provide you with a comprehensive, yet easy to read, typed report. This can usually be supplied by the following day.

The Level 2 inspection includes the checking of:

  • structural elements, and testing for salt damp as per Level 1
  • plumbing and electrical systems
  • exterior and interior surfaces, including doors, windows, etc.
  • storm water drainage and site management issues
  • fencing, paving, structural retaining walls, secondary buildings, etc.

However, this inspection does not include the checking of any part of the property for timber pests, e.g. termites (white ants), borers, etc.

Level 3

Standard Inspection
+ Termite Insp.

This is a Level 2 inspection compliant with Australian Standards AS4349.1-2007 and AS4349.3-2010, plus:

  • an assessment of termite risk factors present on the property
  • a visual inspection of all reasonably and readily accessible timber surfaces for signs of termite damage

* Note that we are not licensed pest controllers. If the scope and extent of the termite inspection offered does not meet your requirements, we advise you to arrange for a separate inspection by a licensed pest control company. The approval of the vendor is usually required in such cases, and there is a risk of damage to the property.

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